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Welcome, Komrade!

Space, acrobatics and Slavic humour - a unique 3-in-1 VR experience that you can only enjoy from the Yupitergrad sachet. In Yupitergrad, you are an astronaut who travels through a space station using grappling hooks to swing over dangerous corridors and traps, solving environmental puzzles – all seems perfect for the daily routine of a Slavic astronaut. But you are not alone, komrade! General Varnikov and our friendly virtual assistance AI-sha will be watching……I mean guiding you through your fantastik journey.

Key features:

  • Minimal risk of motion sickness thanks to innovative design.

  • Over 50 tight-packed levels to explore and conquer.

  • Indiana Jones-like navigation via grappling hooks and boosters.

  • Lots of crazy platforming stunts.

  • Riddles and spatial puzzles.

  • "Dieselpunk in space" atmosphere. 

  • Slavic humor and peculiar story.

  • Original, stylized art.

  • Soundtrack by acclaimed video games music composer - Piotr Surmacz.

Twisted Pack Update

  • Addition of Gymnasion mode – a new mode that allows you to swing freely practice crazy acrobatics in the largest gym in space!

  • Ten new levels from New Level update.

  • Another ten new levels from Twisted Level update in Time Attack mode, which means the game now has a total of 50 levels in Time Attack mode!

  • New music tracks and addition of Halloween decorations

Product Information

Developer: Gamedust
Publisher: SCRYsoft

Region: Asia/Region 3

Platform: PlayStation®VR (Required)

Genre: VR, Action

Release Date: 17 November 2021

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