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Yupitergrad is swinging to PSVR this December!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Rejoice, komrade! SCRYsoft and Gamedust are bringing Yupitergrad to PlayStation VR platform on 17th December 2021. The latest release will include new contents from Next Challenges update and Twisted Pack update which were released previously on PSVR platform from other regions.

About Yupitergrad

Space, acrobatics and Slavic humour - a unique 3-in-1 VR experience that you can only enjoy from the Yupitergrad sachet. In Yupitergrad, you are an astronaut who travels through a space station using grappling hooks to swing over dangerous corridors and traps, solving environmental puzzles – all seems perfect for the daily routine of a Slavic astronaut. But you are not alone, komrade! General Varnikov and our friendly virtual assistance AI-sha will be watching……I mean guiding you through your fantastik journey.

The game exudes a Slavic atmosphere and humour, as well as energetic music which fits well with the cel-shaded graphics used. Performing platforming stunts seems to be essential skills for astronauts these days. Enjoy the smooth ‘Space x Acrobatics’ moments using your reliable tools – the grappling hooks and spatial boosters. And of course, don’t forget to put on your space tracksuit with three stripes of quality, they are the standard for roaming around these industrial space station!

In addition to the campaign mode, Yupitergrad also offers an extensive Time Attack mode with global leaderboards. Space has no limits, so reach out as fast as you can and make the people proud, komrade!


· Minimal risk of motion sickness thanks to innovative design.

· Over 50 tight-packed levels to explore and conquer.

· Indiana Jones-like navigation via grappling hooks and boosters.

· Lots of crazy platforming stunts.

· Riddles and spatial puzzles.

· "Dieselpunk in space" atmosphere.

· Slavic humor and peculiar story.

· Original, stylized art.

· Soundtrack by acclaimed video games music composer - Piotr Surmacz.

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